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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a Survey cost?

Your estimate will be based on the anticipated difficulty and estimated time needed to complete the project. The amount of work required to recover the necessary evidence cannot be predicted. The amount of time required to obtain field measurements and make boundary determinations depends on the availability and proximty of discovered evidence. 

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What can I do to reduce the cost of my Survey?

Any documents you may have regarding the ownership of your land can be very helpful in the preparation of your survey. This would include a copy of your deed, a previous survey of any type, or any other documents you may have. If you are aware of any property corner monuments near your property, let us know of their existence.

What type of Survey do I need to build a fence?

Since a fence is a relatively permanent structure, you will want to be sure of the location of your property lines before construction. The prudent course of action is to have a property survey performed.

What type of Survey do I need for a building additon?

This question is best answered by your local Building Official. Every town has different requirements, and you can usually pick up a checklist at the Building Department. You will more than likely need to have your property surveyed and a plan drawn up. Additionally you may need a Topographic survey to show the existing contours.

Can the Land Surveyor show me what I own?

A land survey does not show the landowner what he or she “owns”. A land survey is the Professional Land Surveyor’s opinion of the physical location of the landowner’s title boundary (a title boundary is the boundary of such real property as defined in the recorded grant deed). A landowner’s perception of their physical occupation of real property is deemed their ownership.

A Professional Land Surveyor will rely on numerous records, maps, and other data to provide his opinion of the location of a real property title boundary. Under most circumstances this opinion is satisfactory. However, most land disputes stem from the landowner’s differing opinions on what they perceive they own. In such cases, only a court of law can determine ownership more decisively than a qualified Land Surveyor