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Soil Evaluations

Why are soil evaluations so important? Soil evaluations detail the soil properties that determine the seasonal high groundwater table, percolation rate, and other limiting factors that would compromise the proper functioning of a septic system before a system is designed. In other words, it is the evaluation that determines the suitability of the soil for the On-site Wastewater Treatment System. This is the first step towards obtaining a permit for a septic system construction. Subsequently, the findings of the soil evaluation guide the designer as to the appropriate septic system (OWTS) design.

Why is wetland delineation so important? Since wetlands are a regulated by the federal and many state governments (including all six New England states), delineation can have significant consequences for land conservation, economic development, water quality, wildlife, rare plant habitat, flood control and many other important issues. Anyone with an interest in purchasing and/or developing a piece of piece of property, from single-family houses to commercial developments, should know the locations of wetlands on that property. Unpermitted alterations of regulated wetland areas can result in expensive, time-consuming legal battles, fines, and the delay or loss of your development project.

Soil Evaluations and Wetlands Delineation are done for Atlas Land Surveying by Ninigret Environmental Services.